SpeedyCloud cloud monitoring provides you of comprehensive product data cloud monitoring, abundant monitoring category, intuitive data chart, personalized warning mechanism.
object storage is a kind of infinite expansion, safe and reliable, low-cost distributed unstructured file storage service, and it can expedite file access speed by the CDN.
SpeedyCloud cloud video can provide one-stop video solutions, which is a network video solution platform, setting release, transcoding, storage, recorded, acceleration, authentication, statistics.
SpeedyCloud provides the leading CDN services on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, the average access can be accelerated more than 3 times after speeding.
SpeedyCloud owns an industry-leading intelligent DNS, original global dynamic intelligent parsing, the accuracy of parsing reaches up to more than 99%.
SpeedyCloud cloud security provides much more stringent security policy,which controls accurately IP ranges,port,and protocals such as TCP/UDP/ICMP/GRE/ESP/AH.
Loading balancing service is that implementing automatic distribution of the application traffic and fault autonomous switchover among more than one cloud servers.
Cloud server is to be set up with the high performance computing,storage and the web servers, using the top-quality network bandwidth.
Cloud server is to be set up with the high performance computing,storage and the web servers, using the top-quality network bandwidth.
SpeedyCloud cloud cache is a Key-Value memory cache service of the high-performance, strong-usability on the basis of memory.
In order to simplify operations, improving customer research and development efficiency, cloud database is launched as the professional database solutions by SpeedyCloud .
Cloud Drive is the block drive that provides persistent storage space for Cloud server, which all adopts Distributed Storage Framework and provides Custom Data Snapshot Services.
SpeedyCloud API provides RESTful API interface which is convenient for the user who takes charge of all the cloud resources through an automated process.

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